Catalogue, TVC or 18/1 - let your campaign become authentic with real players.

Choose from more than 300 skilled and great-looking guys in Germany, London and Barcelona.

Your storyboard turns into reality, FREISTL's guys kick the ball just like you need it - over and over again. Their endurance and positive attitude will boost the mood on set.


The stars are short on time? You want to try out a better light? FREISTIL’s body-doubles share the same heights, physics, skin tone and shooting foot.

Our sedcards will give you a unique comparison. And a major plus for your budget and timing:

You pay by the hour instead of half or full days.


We cast the guys on location, outdoor or indoor. Our camera guy is fit and runs along the dribblings.

Sprints, goal shots and tricks; snaps, video scenes, current measurements - you name it, we'll do it.

We cut the videos during the casting, you receive the results immediately after.